Creating Legacy with
Sustained Partnerships



At ANAND, we believe that the Power of Partnership can create an immense lasting value; we also believe that strong partnerships, driven by the Power of People, transform the impossible into the possible. Therefore, we constantly push the boundaries and explore new horizons by partnering with companies, people and the society at each and every step. Remaining ethical and transparent in all dealings, ANAND has built a legacy to be proud of. The story of ANAND, with several successful partnerships built over six decades, stands testimony to the Power of Partnership and the Power of People.


  • People19000
  • Locations60
  • Companies23
  • Technical Collaborations5
  • Joint venture companies14
  • The ANAND way

    The ANAND way

    Governed by the principles of transparency, good governance and mutual respect, the ANAND way manifests itself into the work culture. Readmore
  • History


    The ANAND journey is an exceptional story of a young man’s vision manifesting into a global conglomerate over six decades. Readmore
  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance has been the foundation of our capability to create a lasting value for the stakeholders of ANAND. Readmore
  • Our Partners

    Our Partners

    Enduring collaborations with the global best in the industry have evolved from a strong belief in the power of partnership. Readmore
  • Awards and Recognition

    Awards and Recognition

    ANAND has often been recognised for its continuous quest for excellence, while fostering the power of people. Readmore