Group’s foundation

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at ANAND is led by the Deep C. Anand Foundation, the supervisory board of ANAND and a set of independent directors. The Deep C. Anand Foundation, formed on 11th August 2003, is rooted in the well-established and tested beliefs of ANAND and the ANAND way of work. The foundation has evolved a successful working model in which the succession planning and grooming of new professional managers is executed. It acts as a bridge between the promoter entity and the professional management. The supervisory board of ANAND, on the other hand, aims at accelerating the vision of ANAND, strengthening relations with overseas partners and safeguarding the interests of shareholders. Independent directors are the key integrators of the Group, who offer vital expertise in the management and mentorship of senior managers. The management structure of corporate governance at ANAND comprises of the ANAND Executive Committee, the ANAND Management Committee, ANAND Automotive Private Limited (the corporate entity) and the respective company boards and management.