Message from The Director

Hello everyone.


The School celebrated its 42nd Founder’s Day. As I pen these words, my thoughts & prayers are with you.


All of us are aware of the difficult times our country is passing through. The news is depressing & the entire year rather every day has been a challenge. The last academic year bears testimony- when we could hardly have any offline classes or face to face interactions with our students. We missed the cacophony, the laughter of the children in our lovely campus. However this is just a passing phase. Adversity is a great teacher. When this grim crisis is over, and it will be, teachers would emerge with upgraded skills in technology, having learnt new ways of teaching- learning process. The need of the hour is to remain strong, resolute and above all have a positive attitude.


But we must remember, it is during the worst of times that true leaders emerge—whom the people look up to. A leader who leads from the front and helps shape the destiny of the people & the country. And that’s where the role of the school comes in. It nurtures young minds, instilling in them various qualities which can make the leaders of tomorrow. Precisely that is what our school is trying to achieve. All of us can take pride in what Anand School has stood for and accomplished over the years.


No doubt, we faced challenges & problems during this journey of ours, but with the help of able and dedicated staff, guided by a wise, father like Chairman & his team, we overcame the hurdles. As the head of the institution, I’m blessed to have a committed and zealous set of teachers & other staff who have made Anand school what it is today.


So let us look forward to better days and better opportunities. Keeping pace with the new normal is what we strive to achieve. Making the best of challenges that come our way and setting new milestones for the years to come.


My best wishes to all of you!


Mrs Usha Kaushesh


Teachers & Committees

“Education is a social process
Education is growth
Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself”


And so, the teachers at ANAND School, have been on their toes expediting this social process, growth and preparation of our students for life, helping them realise the significance of learning and getting educated.

List of members of Redressal of Grievances Committee

List of members of Committee for Sexual Harrasment

List of members of POCSO Committee Members

List of members of Parent, Teacher & Student Association