Extra Curricular

Ours is a developmental curriculum. One that is aware and sensitive to the needs of its students at various periods of time, their aptitudes and the skills and knowledge they needs to acquire. At ANAND School we are sensitive to the fact that however well planned; the curriculum cannot presume to either be static or the ultimate one. It necessarily needs to be one whose essence is open and dynamic. It is Holistic.

Painting & Drawing_image

Painting & Drawing

Students are participating in national level painting & drawing competitions and have brought laurels to the school.



Fun, frolic and enthusiasm were in the air when Anand School organise its ‘ Sports Meet’ on every year. The highlight of the show was the flower drill in which the children presented spectacular formations with props and the grand finale which really made the audience stick to their chairs.



GREEN OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION conduct the Intra –School Competition for English, Maths and SCIENCE IN THE SCHOOL PREMISES.