SNSF has made education a major thrust area and is committed to transforming the lives of the underprivileged population by providing quality educational access across the remotest corners of the country. This is reflected in our priority as almost 65% of our funds are allocated towards education. In line with the Government’s ‘Education for All’ focus, SNSF has been engaged with key nationwide Government of India (GoI) interventions viz. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA, 2006-07), National Child Labour Project (NCLP, 2007-09) aimed at integrating non-school going children into formal and semi-formal educational systems.SNSF has launched a number of programmes with corporate sponsorship for improving the quality of education in Governmental/Government aided schools. The Foundation is engaged with 80+ Government or Government aided schools covering 21,000+ students. SNSF selects schools proximate to the ANAND Group manufacturing locations.


TEAM (Town Enrichment Action Movement, 2000-03) was the Foundation’s flagship project under this thrust area. With financial support from British High Commission and UNDP, SNSF created a characteristic atmosphere to encourage underprivileged children and their families for education in Gurugram city (then Gurgaon). The strong waves of sensation brought together different sections of civil society – Local administration, Governmental and private schools, resident welfare associations, CBOs, SMEs, MNCs and motivated individuals to contribute towards ensuring education for all children in the city and thereby create Zero Tolerance Zones for Child Labour. The seeds sown almost two decades back continue today in the form on bridge schools run by private schools for children out-of-school in their neighbourhood.


Our focus areas are:
1. Remedial coaching for academically weak students: It provides two kinds of teaching support across 80+ partner Government or Government aided schools
a. Plugs gaps in teacher positions
b. Provides ‘remedial coaching’ through the engagement of additional teachers for academically weak students (classes I to VIII)
2. Supporting adequate school infrastructure for optimal learning, safety and hygiene
3. Developing coping skills to navigate a complex future: By regularly organising extracurricular activities of sorts viz. educational trips, celebration of important days and festivals and the structured life skills sessions, SNSF strives to ensure a smooth and well-informed transition into adulthood for the adolescent students in its partner schools
4. Providing scholarship for female students to pursue diploma programme in mechanical /automobile engineering
a. Started three years ago,MEDHAVI Scholarship addresses the need to increase women’s participation in the manufacturing sector
b. This scholarship programme for girls (after they have completed school)encourages the pursuit of a Diploma in Mechanical/ Automobile engineering supported by complete tuition and hostel expenses for three years
c. Scholarship is coupled with employment guarantee in any ANAND Company
d. In its third year, the scheme has covered 152 girls across nine polytechnics in eight SNSF locations (about 76% scholars are from families with annual income less than Rs. 1 lakh)


Facts & Figures

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Students Getting Benefits Annually


‘MEDHAVI’ Scholarship Awardees In 24 Polytechnics


New Classrooms Across31 Schools


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MEDHAVI scholarship scheme brings together ANAND’s aspiration of employing a large number of women on the shopfloor and the CSR agenda of promoting education and skill development. The scheme is named after the Hindi word for an intelligent person who has the ability to think, understand, and learn things quickly and well. Readmore
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Remedial Coaching for Academically-Weak Students

Students who are not able to cope with classroom learning often fall behind their peers. A lack of adequate coaching or guidance at home as well as at school, exacerbates this issue. SNSF provides remedial coaching to such students so as to ensure equitable academic development. Readmore
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Trained and Inspired Teachers

To ensure effective and impactful remedial coaching, SNSF ensures that the teachers are adequately trained for the programme. They undergo courses in multiple components such as use of ASER assessment tools, a key skill to identify the right students for coaching. Readmore