Unable to cope up with just classroom learning often students fall behind their peers. SNSF provides remedial coaching to such academically weak students with a focus on bringing them at a level of learning expected for their grade. Over the last three years, SNSF has taken under its wings students from the primary grades i.e. Classes I to V, extending the remedial coaching to middle school students from 2017-18.


Using tools designed by ASER Centre (Annual Status of Education Report), SNSF assesses students in English, Math and a regional language. During 2016-17 over 3400 primary grade students were identified for coaching through this process to determine whether they are in need of extra coaching. 74 teachers spread across 10 locations coached almost 76% of the primary grade students across the SNSF adopted schools. As a result, the percentage of students capable of reading 2 to 3 lettered words and simple sentences in English increased from 23% to 46% and about 30% could perform simple mathematical calculations. In 9 months, 64% could read paragraphs and stories in their mother tongue.