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Case Studies

Established easy access to clean water for the residents of Village Jhambulpada, Nashik

7 June, 2019 | Health and Rural Development
Village Jhambulpada is located 50-55 kms from Nashik city in the Trimbakeshwar block. SNSF began work in this village in 2011 wherein the dry period in the village extended from 9-10 months in a year.Readmore

“Vocational and life skills have brightened my future prospects.” - Abhay Kumar

20 February, 2018 | Skill Development
Abhay Kumar is confident that the practical hands-on technical training, along with the life skills and spoken English classes, will build his academic qualifications and make him a far more employable person. As a young professional of a new India, he looks forward to the future with optimism and confidence. Readmore

“I have learnt to earn with dignity.” - Prasanta Kumar Behera

20 January, 2018 | Skill Development
“I have learnt to earn with dignity and I want to encourage other rural youth to do so,” says Prasanta Kumar Behera of Orissa. When even ITI training failed to gain him a decent job, it was SNSF that led him to a well-paying job with a reputed company in Gurugram through a combo course, spoken English classes coupled with basic computer skills. Today, he is not only supporting himself, but also paying back the loan taken for his education by his impoverished parents.Readmore

“My determination drives me to improve the standard of living for my family.” - Pooja Nagarkoti

18 January, 2018 | Education
Pooja, a teenager married even before she came of age, could never have dreamt that she would one day be able to help her husband buy a two-wheeler! Education and training allowed her to fulfil her dreams. Today, she is a proud partner of her husband, sharing family responsibilities with confidence, and helping raise the standard of living for her family. Readmore

“From a disillusioned failure, I have become an optimistic youth.” - Saurabh Bhagel

19 October, 2017 | Health and Rural Development
Saurabh Baghel, a youngster from a poor family of Uttar Pradesh, was disillusioned by the early failure of his first venture and had to give up on his hopes of pursuing a higher education. It was at this juncture that the JIVIKA MAST KPA programme appeared as a beacon of hope and guided him towards a brighter future. Equipped with technical knowledge, life skills and the confidence to speak English, he is all set to fulfil his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Readmore

“From a state of helpless despair, I have been able to achieve financial security.” - Tulsi

3 February, 2016 | Education
Despite minimal education, Tulsi has succeeded in earning not only a livelihood but the respect of her family and community. How? She first underwent the SNSF beauty training course and then the advanced beauty course. The result: from a state of helpless despair, she has been able to achieve financial security.Readmore

“SNSF helped me change my mindset and pursue a career.” - Seema

3 February, 2015 | Skill Development
Hailing from a conservative Rajasthani family, Seema encountered stiff resistance not only from her parents but also her educated younger brothers, when she wanted to undergo technical training and get herself a job. She met other girl students as well as alumni members to make her case and was finally able to convince her family. Today, she is thoroughly enjoying the intensive training course that she’s a part of and looks forward to bagging a job eventually.Readmore

“I’m climbing the ladder of success buoyed by my vocational skills.” - Jyoti

3 February, 2015 | Conservation
For Jyoti, the daughter of a migrant domestic help, the SNS Foundation was the spark that kindled her innate intelligence and zeal enabling her to rise above her circumstances. After basic education, she underwent a series of courses to obtain the skills and hone her abilities to secure a job that was to her liking. More importantly, she was able to achieve financial security and societal recognition.Readmore

“SNSF helped a young girl like me achieve her dream of having a successful career.” - Reetu

11 July, 2013 | Skill Development
Two courses in auto mechanics helped Reetu not only to achieve her dream of a successful career - a good salary, a holistic work environment and ample scope for professional growth. What’s more is that is her success has motivated her younger brother to follow her footsteps. Readmore