Dana Anand India and SNS Foundation

4 June, 2021 | Highlights
Rural India where two-thirds of the country’s population reside was badly battered by the second COVID-19 wave. Readmore

Dana Anand India, Dana Care Foundation and SNS Foundation

1 June, 2021 | Highlights
Nearly 64% of Karnataka’s villages were caught in the grip of the second wave of COVID-19, as shown by a rural development department survey, unlike the first wave which barely touched rural areas. Readmore

Vertical & Horizontal Lifeline Training at Dana Anand India, Satara Plant

12 May, 2021 | Highlights
The maintenance team at Dana Anand India’s Satara Plant participated in the Vertical & Horizontal Lifeline Training course conducted by the external faculty, Success Udyog.Readmore

ANAND Group supports higher education

7 May, 2021 | Highlights
The ANAND Group believes that employees are it's biggest assets. Hence it has always supported education and learning of its employees through various platforms.Readmore

New classroom inaugurated at Zila Parishad School, Chalkewadi

19 March, 2021 | Highlights
The new classroom, financed by the CSR wing of Dana Anand India and SNS Foundation, was inaugurated, after a delay of almost a year due to the pandemic and heavy monsoon.Readmore