Pursuing Quality and Excellence

To Sustain Technological Edge



Valeo Friction Materials manufactures organic clutch facings of varying grades to meet a range of application requirements, from light to severe to special. Our G5 (Generation 5) clean technology makes us leaders in dry friction clutch facings.



Valeo Friction Material’s manufacturing plant in Chennai, manufactures almost 14 million facings annually with customer line returns of zero parts per billion. This track record reflects the quality culture embedded in our manufacturing process. Several of our products have redefined market trends.

Innovation and R&DImage

Innovation and R&D

Valeo Friction Material collaborates with customers to develop advanced systems and solutions. Investing 7% of sales in R&D annually, technological innovations remain our mainstay. Our formulae are developed and industrialized in the R&D headquarters in Limoges, France before global implementation.