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Joyson ANAND Abhishek Safety Systems(JAAI) is a joint venture between Joyson Safety Systems, USA and the ANAND Group. During the past decade, JAAI has established itself as a supplier-of- choice when it comes to high-quality safety products, such as seat belts, airbags and steering wheels. Dedicated to securing human lives, we continually work on improving our products built using Japanese expertise. Our USP lies in our ability to localise and customise our products with Indian terrains.

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Joyson Safety Systems, USA:
Joyson Safety Systems, USA is one of the most prominent suppliers of automotive safety systems with 46 plants across 17 countries manned by >34,000 employees.



The leadership at Joyson Safety Systems assumes its social responsibility by constantly seeking new ways of enhancing the safety of a vehicle’s occupants. Blending Japanese and Indian managerial cultures, the Joyson leadership always upholds the core values of good governance and fair play. By leveraging the power of partnerships, the Joyson leadership aspires to fulfil each and every stakeholder expectation.

Mr. Deepak Chopra
Mr. Deepak Chopra Chairman
Mr. Jagdish Kumar
Mr. Jagdish Kumar Director
Mr. Mahendra S. Rajawat
Mr. Mahendra S. Rajawat Director
Mr. Guido Werner Durrer
Mr. Guido Werner Durrer Director
Mr. Dhiraj Dhar Gupta
Mr. Dhiraj Dhar Gupta Director
Mr. Hisayoshi Iwamitsu
Mr. Hisayoshi Iwamitsu Director
Mr. Mahendra S. Rajawat
Mr. Mahendra S. Rajawat Managing Director