From the very beginning ANAND has endeavored to empower women. Long before the corporate sector began to focus on Women Empowerment, ANAND had begun hiring young women from the remote corners of Himachal. Taking this commitment forward, SNSF has developed a large number of Female Centric Courses. These include training in Apparel Construction, ITeS, Beauty Care, Nursing, Teacher Training.  Every year, close to 2000 females undergo these courses across 5 ANAND locations of Parwanoo, Gurugram, Dewas, Talegaon and Jodalli.


Annually close to 1800-2000 female youth enroll for these courses across the 5 locations. Of the 32,000 youth trained so far by SNSF, nearly 25,000 have undergone one of these courses. With duration ranging from 3 to 12 months these courses are either certified by NIOS or SNSF. Most of the graduates of these courses prefer self-employment. The option of self-employment or entrepreneurship allows the young women to earn a livelihood by balancing while balancing their household responsibilities.