Conceptualized in 2014 as a training with MSMEs, this initiative is aimed at giving the youth skills to work on lathe, drilling and milling machines. This training has opened a plethora of employment opportunities for young boys and girls. The 90 days’ course, now called the Operations & Maintenance (O&M), also trains the students in factory maintenance. Being conducted in Jodalli, the SNSF Certified O&M course has trained approximately 300 youth. Integrated into the program is a 6 weeks on-the-job training with a MSME, of which 4 weeks also earn the student a stipend. Working closely with the prospective employer enhances the candidate’s chances of employment, ensuring that almost 90% of the graduates have been placed till date. Many of the MSME partners to this program are regular vendors to ANAND and have graduated from the CII and JICA supported Visionary Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (VSME) program and Visionary Learning Community of India (VLCI). They thus have strong intent of contributing to social and human development.