Beginning of the 21st century saw branches of SNSF forge ties with State/District AIDS Control Societies (SACS/DACS) and other organizations to fight the HIV infection.

Some of these included alliances with Haryana AIDS Control Society (HACS) in 2001, Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS) in 2002 and Himachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (HPSACS) in 2005. Under these collaborations, SNSF teams worked with various at-risk groups such as female sex workers, truck drivers and other transport industry workers, and migrant workforce both in organized and unorganized sectors. Across projects, size of target groups addressed by the Foundation’s teams annually have ranged from 2,500 – 12,500. Spreading awareness about causes of HIV/AIDS and its preventive methods through street plays, one-on-one and group counselling, conducting health camps, motivating at-risk individuals to go for HIV testing, encouraging use of condoms and other contraceptives are key activities of any initiative focused on minimizing the HIV infection. Peer educators drawn from the target group and outreach workers, who overcome several invisible barriers to discuss extremely sensitive aspects of their lives, have become the backbone of teams trying to fight this deadly virus.