SNSF launched a Comprehensive Workplace Intervention on issues of Health, Ergonomics, Safety,  HIV/AIDS awareness  & Labour Compliance along with GA. The project was aimed at 3400 garment sector workers employed in Gap Inc.’s vendor factories (CrewBoS & Gaurav International).


The project was launched based on statistical evidence of lack of workers’ access to healthcare services, educational upgradation programs, mental health support services and absence of contraceptive services. A large majority of factory workers being below 31 years of age, married but living as singles, made them vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS. Limited access to voluntary testing and counselling facilities only added to the vulnerability.


These issues were addressed under the GA-SNSF initiative creating positive energy in the participating companies, especially with workers becoming increasingly health conscious. They are also more aware about the referral services and socially relevant issues such as HIV/ AIDS, female foeticide amongst others. They are also more aware of the medical, physical, mental and social problems that arise from unfriendly labor conditions. Having understood the negative impact that addictions can have, they restrain from indulging in such practices and focus more on delivering their work and family responsibilities.  Yoga sessions included in the program have helped the workers to reduce mental tensions, headaches, adopt a better posture releasing tension in the neck and shoulder regions.


This highly successful healthcare project, encouraged SNSF  to launch many more such initiatives in other regions, benefitting hundreds of factory workers.