Dear Colleagues,

It is in these challenging times that I address this letter to you and I do hope it finds you and your loved ones in the best of health.

Today, we are battling an invisible enemy, the COVID-19. The ongoing global outbreak has been recognised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation as it has crossed all national boundaries and continues to spread its reach. More than 3 lakh people have been globally affected and thousands have unfortunately succumbed to it. In India, close to 500 cases have been reported and the number continues to be on the rise with each passing day.

The pandemic has had a far-reaching socio-economic impact well beyond just the spread of the disease. The strain on the global and Indian economies has further been aggravated by a negative impact across sectors including automotive, tourism, and aviation which were already witnessing an unprecedented downturn. For the manufacturing sector, there is a disruption to offices, factories and logistics, making it even more challenging to keep the operations running smoothly.

Please be rest assured that the Group is carefully monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and continues to take appropriate actions to ensure the protection of our employees. The Corporate HR Team together with the Group Companies’ management is fully mobilised towards risk mitigation and crisis management. In case of any queries, doubts or alerts, please do not hesitate to reach out to the concerned HR Teams.

As we strive to keep the physical and virtual workplace healthy, ensuring business continuity is also of paramount importance at the same time as our internal and external customers bank on us. Our teams are closely working with both our customers and vendor partners to ensure a smooth value chain. We are also staying close to our larger automotive community through ACMA and SIAM.

While the situation is serious, and the challenge is real, we need to endure these testing times together as responsible global citizens and care for one another.

In this journey, I seek your support. At the individual level, let us maintain the highest standards of personal and community hygiene by adhering to the Government’s measures to control the spread of this disease. Please exercise social distancing and minimise all non-essential movement. Strictly adhere to the guidelines and advisories released from time to time by ANAND Management as well as the Government authorities. MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PANICKING AND DO NOT ENGAGE IN SPREADING RUMOURS.

Hardships and challenges in life help us discover our true self. Let this difficult phase bring out the best in us and not the worst. Our ANAND Way has taught us to be socially responsible and show true integrity. Now is the time to demonstrate our ANAND values as this battle is bigger than all of us and one that we must win together.

On behalf of the ANAND Supervisory Board, I express our solidarity with the people affected and assure you that with the concerted efforts of the Government, organisations and individuals, we will weather this storm and the spirit of humanity shall prevail!

Wishing you and your families good health and safety!

Yours sincerely,

Anjali Singh
Executive Chairperson, ANAND