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HL Mando Anand India Private Ltd (HL Mando India) is a joint venture between HL Mando Corporation of Korea and Anand Group of India.

HL Mando India was established in September 1997 and is a leading manufacturer of high-performance steering, suspension, and brake systems for Indian and global automobile vehicle manufacturer.

Our products are designed and manufactured in India using Korean design excellence and technical expertise with manufacturing practices aligned with the stringent standards established by HL Mando Korea.

We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers by designing and manufacturing products that enhance driving safety and comfort. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure, located near to Chennai that strengthens our ability to produce top-notch products.

Our Partners


HL Mando Corporation was founded in 1962 by Chung In-yung and is a global leader in by-wire technology as well as other key enabling technologies for mobility in the future.

As an electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous driving solutions company, we focus on core components that are essential for vehicle safety. We create freedom in the future mobility with diverse core competencies and innovative technologies.

HL Mando carries on the heritage of Halla, and contains HL’s mission and social value to enrich the world and lead to a ‘Higher Life’ through bold and daring changes.

“Our Vision is your freedom”, HL Mando desires for all our customers and employees experience tomorrow that is safer, greener and easier.


The operational philosophy at HL Mando Anand India Private Limited blends Korean management practices with the ANAND Way of doing things.

By combining Korean technology with Indian skills and leveraging the guiding principles of good governance, the leadership at HL Mando paved the way for sustainable long- term growth.

In a bid to become an inclusive, and people-focused organization, the leadership inculcated and implemented a unique array of HR practices that resulted in HL Mando Anand India Private Limited being labelled as a Great Place to Work®.

Mr. Jaisal Singh
Mr. Jaisal Singh Co-Chairman
Mr. Seong Hyeon Cho
Mr. Seong Hyeon Cho Co-Chairman
Mr. Mahendra K Goyal
Mr. Mahendra K Goyal Director
Mr. Jae Young Choi
Mr. Jae Young Choi Managing Director
Mr. S Sarathi
Mr. S Sarathi Joint Managing Director
Mr. Young IL Hong
Mr. Young IL Hong Director
Mr. Kwon Ho Lee
Mr. Kwon Ho Lee Director
Mr. Eun Sung Kim
Mr. Eun Sung Kim Director
Mr. Jae Young Choi
Mr. Jae Young Choi Managing Director