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A joint venture with Purolator International, USA, in 1964 was ANAND’s first foray into the manufacture of automotive filtration systems. Having built the most trusted automotive filtration brands, ANAND’s consolidated its foothold via a joint venture with MAHLE Filter Systems GmbH of Germany in 2005. Today, MAHLE ANAND stands tall as the country’s leading manufacturer and exporter of these products and solutions.

Our Partners



MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH, Germany:
Headquartered in Stuttgart, the MAHLE Group is a global leader in the field of automotive components manufacture. A leading development partner for the global automotive and engine industries, MAHLE banks upon its unique competence in internal combustion engines and engine peripherals to stand apart from the rest. With two dedicated business units, namely, engine systems and components and filtration and engine peripherals, the MAHLE Group ranks among the top-three suppliers of piston systems, cylinder components, valve train, air, and liquid management systems, globally. Nearly every automobile and engine manufacturer in the world is catered to by MAHLE via its 170 plants and ~76,000 employees, who bring in annual revenues worth ~ €11.5 billion.



MAHLE’s leadership has embraced the core values of leveraging the power of partnership and the power of people in daily activities. The company’s commitment when it comes to promoting excellence, encouraging meritocracy and fostering innovation, has served it in good stead. The underlying philosophy of rewarding unyielding integrity, institutionalising good governance practices and maintaining absolute transparency, have cemented our reputation as a sectoral leader.

Mr. Sunil Kaul
Mr. Sunil Kaul Chairman
Mr. Jagdish Kumar
Mr. Jagdish Kumar Director
Mr. Manoj Kolhatkar
Mr. Manoj Kolhatkar Director
Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar
Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar Director
Mr. Wilhelm Emperhoff
Mr. Wilhelm Emperhoff Director
Mr. Rituraj Singh Kalra
Mr. Rituraj Singh Kalra Director
Mr. Seiho Akazawa
Mr. Seiho Akazawa Director
Mr. Anand Sontakke
Mr. Anand Sontakke Chief Operating Officer