World Environment Day 2022 Celebrations

Published On: 27th July, 2022

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth’, focusing our attention on ‘Living Sustainability in Harmony with Nature’. This sentiment is shared by all at Mando Automotive India (MAIL) where we strive to live more sustainably, recycle and compost where possible, and reduce our energy consumption and waste wherever we can. All this is attainable by taking simple steps and working together as a global community. On this World Environment Day, a plantation drive was carried out on the MAIL campus in the presence of our honourable chief guests Mr. Madhusudan and Mr. Jeeva Kumar from Hyundai Motors India (SQA) team; Mando plant heads Mr. Jayakumar and Mr. Mahendraboopathy; production heads Mr. Kandavel and Mr. Kumaraguru; safety head Mr. Sureshkumar and his team; DGM Quality Mr. Vasudevan and his team; Manager Mr. Kingsly and Operating Engineers.