SNS Foundation Launches Scholarship Programme for Female Matriculates

Published On: 4th April, 2018

SNS Foundation launched a scholarship programme for female matriculates from underprivileged backgrounds to support them financially in their pursuit of mechanical/automobile engineering diplomas. The scholarship supported the students for the duration of their three-year-long courses. Post-completion, ANAND Group companies employed most of them as operating engineers. The scholarship programme was an effort to align ANAND’s business goal of achieving 33% female intake under the OE model and the CSR objective of promoting quality education among the underprivileged. The programme saw the enrolment of 22 recipients across Jodahalli, Chakan and Nashik during the year. For the academic session of 2017-18, SNS Foundation members orientated tenth standard students from government-run schools adopted by the SNS Foundation about career opportunities for mechanical engineering diploma-holders by organising visits to ANAND factories and polytechnic colleges.