SNS Foundation Dewas felicitated by Gram Panchayat, Village Siya

Published On: 16th March, 2021

On this day SNS Foundation Dewas was recognised by Gram Panchayat, Village Siya, located about 15 kms from Gabriel India(GIL), Dewas, for its contribution towards the development of the 5 government schools in the village over the past 5 years. Between the years 2015 and 2020, MINR 5.7 under the GIL CSR has been contributing towards developing the schools’ infrastructure which includes construction of new classrooms, washrooms, kitchens, drinking water facilities, safety measures etc. GIL’s CSR contribution has been complemented by MINR 1.0 from the District Dewas Administration towards upgrading the schools’ infrastructure. Other honours accorded to the village’s education infrastructure include visits by former M.P. State Minister for Skill Development, Technical Education and School Education, Shri. Deepak Joshi, thrice during the year 2017. In 2019, SNSF was also recognised by the District Education Office, Dewas, for its efforts at Siya.