SNS Foundation Undertook An Unique And Engaging Health Initiative For The Aftermarket Segment

Published On: 4th April, 2018

SNS Foundation entered into a partnership with Triumph Auto, a leading dealer of TATA Motors to support ANAND’s aftermarket team. To win the trust of the mechanics who worked in its dealer outlets in Delhi-NCR, Triumph Auto utilised SNS Foundation’s expertise to conduct health check-ups for them. In 2014, Triumph Auto merged its social and corporate objectives by extending its outreach beyond dealerships to spreading awareness within Delhi-NCR about the availability and significance of using genuine TATA automotive parts. Street plays were conducted in major auto marts of Delhi-NCR stretching from Faridabad to Narnaul, to share information about TATA genuine TATA automotive parts. The plays were interspersed with important information being disseminated about HIV-AIDS and personal hygiene, among others. During the year, a total of 110 such shows were performed.