Annual INR 1000 CR Turnover Celebrations across MATS

Published On: 25th November, 2022

We are absolutely delighted to share that MAHLE ANAND Thermal Systems (MATS) crossed an annual turnover of INR 1000 CR, FTY 2022. This is just one recognition of many successes to come because of each employee’s passion, performance, and enthusiasm. This milestone has been celebrated across all MATS plants. The celebration at MATS HO was graced by Mr. Manoj Kolhatkar (Group President & Co- COO), Mr. Vinayak Hegde (COO MATS), Mr. Naresh Moily (COO DAIPL), Mr. Kshitikesh Parmeshwar (CTO MATS), Mr. Manoj Sharma (CHRO MATS), Mr. Vinod Razdan (CHRO Gabriel) and all leadership members of MATS. It’s a remarkable accomplishment and a true reflection of their superb performance. Heartiest Congratulations to one and all for this amazing achievement!