New washroom for boys constructed at Government High School, Sithandimandapam

Published On: 15th March, 2021

A new washroom facility for boys was constructed by SNSF under the CSR arm of MAHLE ANAND Filter Systems in a partner government school near the MAFS facility in Chengalpet. Till then, Government High School, Sithandimandapam, did not have proper sanitation facilities for the male students subjecting them to open defecation during school hours. The facility was inaugurated by Mr. Aneet Raina (Plant Head, MAFS, Chengalpet) and Mr. Chandru (Plant HR Head, MAFS, Chengalpet) in the presence of school authorities and high-level representation from the government education fraternity comprising Mr. Murali (Divisional Education Officer, Madhuranthakam Division, Chengalpet District) and Mr. Veeramani (Asst. Education Officer, Madhuranthakam Division, Chengalpet District).