MAHLE ANAND Thermal Systems and SNS Foundation

Published On: 17th August, 2021

Chakan is one of ANAND’s largest manufacturing hubs. The area is also home to thousands of migrant industrial workers left vulnerable during the second wave of COVID-19. This coupled with Maharashtra being one of the worst affected states in the country, led MATS and SNSF to team up and provide necessary medical supplies, safety gear and medical equipments to 5 government health facilities, including the Primary Health Centers in Pait, Karanjivihire and sub centre of Chimbali in Rajgurunagar Block and Primary Health Center of Adale and Kamshet in the Maval Block of Pune district. These health facilities serve a population of 2.29 lakhs living across 110 villages. A total of 125 liters of hand sanitizers, 500 N-95 & 1000 surgical masks, 350 PPE kits, 2700 hand gloves, 160 face shields and 27 oximeters were donated. MATS was represented by Mr. Suresh Chavan, from the company’s admin department.