Gabriel India and SNS Foundation

Published On: 17th August, 2021

COVID-19 data compiled from major Indian cities at the start of the second wave showed Nashik to be the worst hit in terms of infections per million residents. This led SNSF to step in and under the GIL CSR, provide medical supplies to 7 government rural health facilities in Trimbakeshwar Block, Dist. Nashik, including 6 primary health centres situated in the villages of Amboli, Rohile, Kulwandi, Thanapada, Shirasgaon and Mulwad and the rural hospital of Harshul. Annually, these health facilities address the health needs of a population of about 2.72 lakhs residing across 272 villages.

Altogether 4000 surgical and 500 N-95 masks, 400 hand gloves, 420 face shields, 700 PPE kits and 370 litres of hand sanitizer (ANSanitizer), 30 pulse oximeters, 14-infrared thermometers, 14-foot operated sanitizer stands were distributed. Mr. Parikshit Joshi, Head-HR, GIL Nashik Plant, and Mr. Santosh Nikam, Head-Quality Control, GIL Nashik Plant, participated in the activity along with members of SNSF.