Dana Anand India and SNS Foundation

Published On: 24th August, 2021

SNS Foundation under the DAIPL CSR organised the distribution of family ration kits at concessional rates for 108 families in the upcoming model village of Chalkewadi, Satara. Each kit comprised items like onions, potatoes, pulses, sugar, spices, oil etc, to sustain 4 members of a family with 3 meals per day for 30 days. Thus, 108 kits provided for about 35K meals for one month. Rice/wheat were not included as these were made available free under the regular public distribution system. The entire exercise from procurement, packaging and distribution was managed by two women belonging to a self-help group, who have opened grocery stores with bank loans facilitated through SNSF. The average cost of a kit was ₹1900, but villagers paid ₹50 to make it seem like a normal customer-supplier transaction, and not an act of charity.