Dana Anand India, Dana Care Foundation and SNS Foundation

Published On: 24th August, 2021

Nearly 64% of Karnataka’s villages were caught in the grip of the second wave of COVID-19, as shown by a rural development department survey, unlike the first wave which barely touched rural areas. This prompted DAIPL’s Jodhalli unit along with its two implementing agencies DCF and SNSF, to distribute the medical supplies and safety gear requested by government health facilities in the rural areas of Dist. Dharwad. The block level hospital at Kalghatgi Block, Rural Health Training Center, Village Dummawad, and two sub centres in the villages of Kalghatgi Block, were provided with 180 litres of ANSANITIZER hand sanitizers, 600 N-95 and 2000 surgical masks, 100 PPE kits, 2200 hand gloves, 50 face shields, 10 litres of Sodium Hypochlorite and 14 oximeters. Mr. Sumit Shetty, Head, Admin, DAIPL, Jodhalli, was present throughout the donation activities.