Dana Anand India and SNS Foundation

Published On: 24th August, 2021

Rural India where two-thirds of the country’s population reside was badly battered by the second COVID-19 wave. Maharashtra, one of the worst affected states, continues to reel under its onslaught. Satara is also the location of DAILP’s plant. Thus, together with SNSF, DAIPL, under its CSR mandate, donated 60 litres of ANSANITIZER hand sanitizers, 50 N-95 and 200 surgical masks, 600 hand gloves, 34 face shields and 6 oximeters to the Primary Health Centre, Thoseghar, located about 30 kms from its plant. The centre addresses the health needs of nearly 11K people living in 22 villages. Mr. Mahesh Sutar and Mr. Prabhu Gurav from DAIPL, Satara, handed over the materials to Mrs Chavan, Medical Officer Thoseghar.