Brain storming hour with Live Olympiad 2017

Published On: 23rd April, 2018

Our students from different classes took part in science and maths Olympiad conducted by “Green Olympiad Foundation”. The students from classes 3-10 participated and won prizes and certificates of appreciation.

Ayaan Agarwal, Akshaj Garg, Aayushi Bhardwaj, Pragun Goyal, Divyansh Gupta, Arshiya Lohat, Rimjhim Mehta, Abhilasha Saxena, Gayatri Mehra, Anjan Gupta, Aastha Sharma and Tavisha Jindal were awarded certificates of appreciation.

Ruderansh Agnihotri, Vibudh Bhardwaj, Srijan Nath, Anshika Garg and Pankaj Sharma were given Watch and certificate.

Niharika Khosla being the star qualifier was awarded Tablet and GOF Champion certificate.