Women’s Day Celebrations

Published On: 8 March, 2019

International Women’s Day marked worldwide on 8th March 2019 was celebrated across ANAND Group companies in a special way. ANAND Automotive and Haldex ANAND India organised cake cutting, distribution of chocolates and rose twigs to all women employees. An exclusive team lunch was arranged by Henkel ANAND India. Takata India recognised all women at workplaces for their efforts and hard work. Gabriel India organised a painting workshop ‘Anybody Can Paint’. Anchemco ANAND girls celebrated women’s day with underprivileged kids.
Chennai Hub companies celebrated the day collectively at Mando Automotive India plant through a wellness talk by Ms. Abiramika and Yoga sessions by Ms. Madhura Rajagopalan. Women harassment awareness programme was also conducted by NGO Disaikatti at CY Myutec ANAND. MAFS organised a guest lecture on balancing personal and professional goals, and a self-defence training session in Pune. Dana Anand India organised a motivational talk by RJ Smitha Dixit on challenges faced by working women.