From a Dream to a Legacy
A Journey Traversed on the Power of Partnership

The year was 1961…

Mr Deep C Anand, then a young man, set out as an entrepreneur with one joint venture –with Maremont Corporation (Gabriel). That one Joint Venture, Gabriel India, became the first building block of an Indian business conglomerate – ANAND Group.

The journey of six decades speaks of Mr Anand’s courage, conviction and vision.

As a young entrepreneur, Mr Anand, the Founder of ANAND and Chairman of the Deep C Anand Foundation, continued to forge ahead unrelentingly in the face of several challenges; and when the first Gabriel shock absorber was rolled out of the Mulund factory in 1961, the ANAND story had just begun.

Six decades hence…

Not only did the joint venture with Gabriel stood the test of time, ANAND went on to institutionalize a partnership model forming 16 successful joint ventures; during this journey ANAND diversified into the hospitality sector with SUJÁN.

ANAND has built upon the Power of Partnership, forging alliances with the global best, expanding the product portfolio, setting up plants across the country and harnessing the Power of People. With around 62 manufacturing plants the Group employs 16000 people.

As ANAND approaches an annual turnover of USD 1.4 Billion, almost every vehicle on Indian roads and many globally carry within them a part of ANAND. And SUJÁN continues to create unforgettable experiences for the guests.

This journey of six decades was ofcourse not traversed alone. In the early years, there was guidance from business magnates such as Mr Keshub Mahindra, Mr Parikh (Chairman of Voltas), Mr Holck Larsen, Mr KC Maitra, Chairman of GKW, and eminent overseas friends in the auto industry such as Mr John Panks – Automotive Products, UK, Chairman of TRW, Chairman of Maremont – Arnold Maremont. And a group of talented & bright entrepreneurial managers who helped shape ANAND into what it is today.

Going forward the ANAND legacy will continue to be built upon the strong values defined in the ANAND Way – Transparency, Good Governance, Trust and most important of all – the Power of Partnership and the Power of People.