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CSR & Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility


Having embraced the idea of responsible corporate citizenship right from the inception, Gabriel India has relentlessly promoted sustainability and strived to support the society in achieving its developmental aspirations.


With a clear focus on remaining a good corporate citizen, Gabriel’s CSR initiatives are driven towards achieving economic growth in a socially responsible manner. Striving to build a healthier planet for all, the company works for the development of communities through various initiatives in health, education and other sectors that improve the lives of fellow human beings. Gabriel India Limited (GIL) has become a role model by delivering on these initiatives through field level interventions and by fostering the spirit of helping the neighbourhood.


Conducting regular health camps and adult literacy classes and preparing non-school going children for formal education and skill development has been the foundation of Gabriel’s CSR initiatives. Apart from the programmes driven at the corporate level, every plant encourages corporate volunteerism to deliver on specific causes.


Employees zealously support self-help groups in creating awareness and providing a platform to sell handmade products. Supporting the education and development of underprivileged and physically challenged children, conducting blood donation camps and other socially relevant projects have been successfully conducted over the years.


Gabriel’s thrust on education has made a far reaching impact on over 4000 students from government schools across the country and has encouraged young girls to pursue diploma in engineering. Vocational training courses designed and developed by Gabriel have transformed the lives of those who have undergone these programmes.


Gabriel continues to engage with local communities with a passion to create value and build a brighter future for those who are affected by the company.





Environmental awareness is a key aspect of Gabriel’s core philosophy. At Gabriel, there is one negative we put a positive on: carbon footprint.


Gabriel aims to establish itself as one of India’s most environmentally sustainable auto component manufacturers. At Gabriel, we consciously evaluate every initiative from an environment perspective. This is an endeavour where every single Gabriel employee seeks to make a difference through personal and professional engagement. The lower the footprint, the higher their sense of achievement. The cleaner the world, the greater their satisfaction. The result is that our employees examine every process, study every raw material and question every paradigm.


Gabriel products are increasingly ‘green’ and environment friendly. Over the years, we reduced our energy consumption per unit of shock absorber manufactured, through the use of efficient technology. Besides, we also installed solar energy capacity of 1.1 MW, addressing in-house energy needs and reducing electricity drawing from the grid. The solar panels are expected to reduce carbon emissions by 10,566 tonnes over the next 15 years.


 “Carbon Foot Print” Journey: We reduced 19,900 T “CO2 e” since 2011 which is equivalent to 2 million fully grown mango trees (31,746 acres of plantation)


* from Apr 2011 – Mar 2017 across all locations. “CO2 e” is calculated as per guidelines of “Carbon Trust Standard” UK