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Business Units

With a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) approach, Gabriel India has created scalability for volume and product offerings, strengthening the ability to meet the customers’ needs.


Bearing the customers at the centre of business model, the four SBUs (2 and 3-wheelers, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and railways, and aftermarket) design, develop and manufacture products to address the specific customer needs. A focused approach, driven by a dedicated Chief Executive Officer (COO), enables responsible manufacturing, product co-creation and development of futuristic solutions.


2 & 3 - Wheelers

We have built our own test track, an in-house facility for customers for tuning the ride of vehicles and shortening the lead time for testing. We have introduced new products like gas-charged shock absorbers for scooters, dual spring shock absorbers and innovative products for exports.

We have signed a technical licence agreement with Gabriel De Colombia and are now a technology provider to serve the Indian OEMs in Latin America. We also have a small, but growing presence in the eco-friendly 2-wheelers market in the United States. We are a leading manufacturer of new generation electric vehicles in the categories of 2 and 3-wheelers in India and abroad.


Passenger Vehicles

We are the key suppliers to the launching of latest vehicles from several OEMs like Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki. We also enjoy a major share of the aftermarket segment of passenger cars.

Strong growth led by new launches and sustained increase in export volumes act as the key drivers of our position. We work steadfastly to strengthen the quality of products and processes.


Commercial Vehicles & Railways

We have a technology licence agreement with KONI B. V., The Netherlands, to manufacture and sell innovative damper products for OEMs in south Asia. Our export order with ISUZU Global is enabling us to strengthen our presence in the ASEAN region.

We are a trusted partner of the Indian Railways, supplying them with shock absorbers for over two decades. We have emerged as the first Indian auto components company to be qualified as the supplier of Linke-Hofmann-Busch (LHB) shock absorbers to the Indian Railways.



Elite Retailers Programme (ERP) and Mechanic Loyalty and Training Programme (MLTP) – two programmes of aftermarket, intended to enhance loyalty and brand awareness – have helped in an increase in the market share in B and C class towns.

Export Business: Gabriel exports products of its business units to various countries across six continents. We are looking at leveraging our relationship with global OEMs present in India to expand our business worldwide. We have a dedicated presence in Germany to manage the exports to the European, North American and Latin American markets.