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Shop floor Excellence

Excellence is a continuous journey at ANAND due to the collective endeavour of our trained workforce and the adoption of world-class practices. A responsive and agile team works unceasingly to raise the bar in terms of performance. ~15% of operating engineers (OEs) specialise in various functions, such as maintenance, through the ANAND specialised training for operating engineers (STOE). Additionally, the ANAND Heijunka production system, which is built on world-class manufacturing practices, provides a framework for shop floor excellence.

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The ANAND OE Model

With >90% facilities operated by knowledge workers called ‘Operating Engineers’, ANAND has harnessed the power of people for shop floor excellence. Pioneered in the 1990s, the ANAND OE model has been replicated in all of our locations and is now considered as an industry benchmark. Over the years, as these OEs have matured through this process of learning and development, several of them have assumed managerial responsibilities.

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Workforce Diversity

Having taken a lead in terms of placing women on the shop floor, ANAND has for long championed gender diversity at the workplace. ANAND demonstrated a strong commitment to women’s empowerment by creating an ecosystem comprising hostels supervised by wardens and transport facilities. Reinforcing the belief in the power of people and the power of partnership, ANAND has built an inclusive and diverse workforce.

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Enabling Ecosystem

In order to provide a comfortable environment to our employees, we provide hostel facilities to our operating engineers (boys for the first year and girls till their marriage), crèche facility for working mothers, transport facility for operating engineers, canteen facility (where food is provided at subsidised rates) and medical facility (wherein all employees are covered under a group mediclaim policy and ESIC, as per eligibility).

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Specialised Training for Operating Engineers (STOE)

Pursuing the belief in the power of partnership to deliver excellence, ANAND has partnered OEs through the Specialised Training for Operating Engineers (STOE), since 2005. At least 15% of OEs, selected through a special aptitude test, are groomed for taking up greater responsibilities through the STOE. Up-to-date training is provided in maintenance, quality, tools, supply chain, safety and cell leadership, among others.

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Encouraging Higher Education

Driven by the belief in the power of people, ANAND encourages its talent pool to learn continuously and undergo higher education. A series of in-house technical and personality development programmes are also designed by ANAND to bring the best out of people. OEs are encouraged through sponsorships to take up courses, which are specially designed by higher learning institutions for ANAND.

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Quality Circles

Quality Circles (QCs) are employee workgroups that meet regularly to discuss qualitative issues, figure out root causes, recommend solutions and take corrective actions. At ANAND our aim is to ensure 100% participation of OEs in various QCs, so as to ensure a steady improvement in terms of products quality. Every year, our Group companies represent such QCs at various national and international competitions and win awards at various levels.



At ANAND Group, we lay a keen emphasis on the safety of our employees. We believe that an accident-free work environment boosts the morale of team members who have to work in different hazardous situations. Consequently, we have formulated and implemented a safety policy, come up with a safety manual and created a separate department to raise awareness and disseminate pertinent information.



Quality Management System (QMS) documents processes, procedures and responsibilities, for achieving qualitative targets. The management has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to qualitative inconsistencies, opaque communications with customers and unsystematised approaches.

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People Recognition

While our people’s practices inspire employees to give their best, we continuously honour and recognise the best of them. This philosophy has enabled ANAND to promote the power of people and the power of partnership. Being recognised at the annual ‘ANAND Excellence Awards’ has helped inculcate a culture of qualitative and manufacturing excellence, across locations.