The Evolution

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ANAND Leadership Development Programmes

Instituted to realise our vision of nurturing our people, ALDP enables managers to achieve their leadership potential. Several senior ANAND managers have been developed through comprehensive and rigorous training, coaching, mentoring and learning experience via these programmes.

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ANAND Leader

The ANAND Leader (AL) programme enables talented employees to develop and grow as leaders, skilling them with the ability to address complex business scenarios and plan strategically to deal with uncertainties.

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ANAND Talent

The ANAND Talent (AT) programme is a platform to enable managers to become effective functional leaders in their respective domains. This programme enables high-performing managers to get familiar with business needs, collaborate better, and learn to link their functional strategies with the organisation’s overall business goals.

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ANAND Mentee

The ANAND Mentee (AM) programme aims at nurturing young talent standing at the threshold of managing themselves to managing others, thereby providing an opportunity to Gen Y individuals to prove their mettle. The programme encapsulates intensive educational inputs, experiential learning, and rotational assignments.

The ANAND Talent Acquisition programme

ANAND places paramount emphasis on not only identifying and nurturing talent but also on finding the right fit for the organisation. As a part of these efforts, the ANAND Talent Acquisition programme (ATA) runs a robust campus recruitment drive, which includes onboarding, continuous assessment, and the developing of a customised career plan for new campus hires. This comprises a year-long period of induction and on-the-job training. Post this, our new hires are absorbed in the workforce after the ATA graduation ceremony and begin their professional journey with ANAND.

ANAND also sponsors intercollegiate design competitions like BAJA and E-BAJA, that bridge the gap between academia and the automobile industry; here, college students come together to build all-terrain motor and electric vehicles, with the idea to test the vehicles’ limits of endurance and durability in real-world conditions.

The ANAND Talent Acquisition Programme (ATA) is a one-year course that acquaints campus recruits with the manufacturing sector through a series of assignments and training drills.

Human Capital

We place strong emphasis on working with people who possess the requisite knowledge and expertise, but at the same time, have a passion for innovation and a commitment to our values. This is why ANAND has developed the Human Capital (HC) Programme, which identifies and taps talented individuals at the junior to mid-managerial levels. During the 18-month training programme, HC employees participate in the Management Development Dialogue and identify their individual development plans, based on instructor-led learning events, digital learning courses, and participation in strategic projects.