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Culture at ANAND

Driven by the power of partnership, life at ANAND is a happy balance – a balance between professional and personal commitments; a balance between challenging assignments and everyday responsibilities; and a balance between factories and nature. Unique HR policies that support these dichotomies of work and life have allowed us to emerge as employers-of- choice. In 2017, the Great Place to Work® Institute recognised seven ANAND companies among the ‘Top Companies to Work For’.

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Sports & Fitness

Sports and fitness habits are a great way of releasing stress, binding people together and building a sense of belonging. Thus, at ANAND, employees are encouraged to integrate sports into their daily routines. Several ANAND campuses have facilities for equestrian, tennis and several indoor sports. ANAND also encourages employees to find time to follow health and wellness schedules.

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ANAND Retreats

A Group as large and diverse as ANAND requires a process that encourages bonding among managers – across locations, companies and functions. With this objective, the ‘ANAND Retreat’ brings talented managers along with their spouses to an exotic SUJÁN location. While making friends with colleagues and having a relaxed time, the managers get acquainted with the ANAND leadership.

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Pleasing Environs

What sets ANAND plants apart from others is the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the environs in which they are situated. ANAND’s unique character is enriched by the greenery and well-manicured gardens, across locations. Adorned with seasonal flowers and over 10,000 trees, these properties reflect our commitment to build a green cover in the vicinity of our facilities.

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Hub Function

The ANAND Group is spread across 11 states and clustered into five hubs, namely, Parwanoo, Gurugram, Nashik, Pune and Chennai. Each hub is known for its unique cultural flavour and diversity. All hubs regularly celebrate various functions and festivities and also encourage sports activities. All employees enthusiastically participate in these events and contribute to their success.