The Evolution

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Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM)Image

Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM)

The Visionary Leader for Manufacturing (VLFM) programme, established jointly by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and JICA (Japan International Co-operation Agency), is mentored by the renowned Japanese expert, Padma Shri Prof. Shoji Shiba. An experiential learning process, this programme trains senior leaders in breakthrough and strategic thinking. Several of our leaders have undergone this transformative programme, helping us strengthen our unique people culture.

Visionary Small and Medium Enterprises (VSME)Image

Visionary Small and Medium Enterprises (VSME)

A joint initiative of CII and ANAND since 2009, VSME has helped institutionalize the global best into the ANAND Heijunka Production System (AHPS). A dedicated ANAND team is guided by Japanese experts Prof Shoji Shiba and Mr Furuhashi to partner ANAND suppliers in implementing manufacturing best practices. Some leading OEMs have also begun to follow the VSME principles, joining the pursuit to create a partnership based supply chain.