The Evolution

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ANAND Leadership Development Programmes

Instituted in pursuit of our belief in nurturing people, ALDP enables managers to achieve their full leadership potential.  Several senior ANAND managers have been developed through comprehensive and rigorous training, coaching, mentoring and learning experience via various programmes.

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ANAND Leader

The ANAND Leader Programme is a platform for talented future leaders of ANAND to exhibit their true potential. This programme assists and enables functional leaders to deal with complex business scenarios and plan strategically to become effective business leaders.

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ANAND Talent

The ANAND Talent Programme is a platform to groom managers to become effective functional leaders in their domain. This programme is an enabler to familiarize high performing managers towards other business needs, be more collaborative and learn to blend their functional strategy with overall business.

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ANAND Mentee

The ANAND Mentee programme aims at nurturing the young talent who are at the threshold of changing direction from managing self to managing others, thereby providing an opportunity for Gen Y to prove their mettle. The programme encapsulates intensive educational inputs, experiential learning and rotational assignment.

ATA - The Anand Talent Acquisition Programme (ATA)

The ANAND Talent Acquisition Programme (ATA)

ANAND Talent Acquisition, a one year Programme familiarizes campus recruits with the manufacturing sector through a series of trainings and assignments.