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Ansysco ANAND was established in 1995, as a part of the ANAND Group of companies. Ansysco ANAND provides a complete range of automotive chemicals and fluids, viz., coolants, brake fluids and diesel exhaust fluids. In September 2015, Liqui Moly and ANAND entered into an agreement for the sale and distribution of automotive car care products, additives, lubricants and service products. Ansysco, now, is the exclusive licensee for the complete range of automotive car care products, additives and lubricants in India. The partnership mainly focuses on manufacturing high-performance lubricants that cater to premium cars, high quality oils and engine additives for petrol and diesel vehicles as well as a wide variety of premium quality car care and service products.


About Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly GmbH from Germany offers a 4,000-strong product portfolio comprising high-quality motor oils, additives and vehicle care products, among others. Liqui Moly develops and tests its products in its own laboratories and manufactures and markets them exclusively in Germany. Founded five decades ago, Liqui Moly is now counted among one of the leading companies in the industry with an entrenched presence in Germany and a footprint that stretches across 110 countries worldwide.


Download the Ansysco ANAND aftermarket catalogue here.

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