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The idea for entering into the eMobility segment was conceptualised in January 2021, and 7 months later, in July 2021, the idea has transformed into a Joint Venture (JV). Production started 9 months later, in October 2021. The JV company is presently designing, developing and manufacturing traction motors and controllers in India.

Our Partners


Mando Corporation, Korea: The Mando Corporation manufactures a whole range of products – from conventional to futuristic automotive parts through the efficient utilisation of available human resources and cutting-edge production facilities. An emerging force in the automotive industry in Korea, Mando has set the foundation for future growth by fabricating automotive parts that have become the watchword for immaculate quality. This has allowed the company to leapfrog its peers in the intensely-competitive global automotive parts industry.


The operational philosophy at ANAND Mando eMobility Private Limited blends Korean management practices with the ANAND way of doing things. By combining Korean technology with Indian skills and leveraging the guiding principles of good governance, the leadership at Mando has paved the way for sustainable long-term growth.

Mr. Sunil Kaul
Mr. Sunil Kaul Chairman
Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar
Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar Director
Mr. Rajeev Gera
Mr. Rajeev Gera Director
Mr. Hong Yong Bhae
Mr. Hong Yong Bhae Director
Dr. Hyungtae Moon
Dr. Hyungtae Moon Director
Mr. Prashant Gupta
Mr. Prashant Gupta Business Head