Staying Ahead of the Curve

With Cutting Edge Technologies


ANAND I-Power is the leading manufacturer of Piston Rings, Clutch Plates, Groove/Alfin Inserts, Flat Plates and Piston Ring Castings for OEMs. Combining advanced technologies with the Power of Partnership with our customers we strive to create a brighter and safer future.


Various awards such as the Golden Peacock Award for Quality, Exports Excellence Award by EEPC, Ford Q-1 Preferred Quality Status, Productivity Awards by National Productivity Council and ACMA, Kaizen Award for Productivity Improvement by ACMA, NIMA Corporate Social Responsibility Award and Green Enterprise Award by Ecoreco at the National Platforms stand testimony to our focus on delivering business while remaining socially responsible.


The Leadership at ANAND I-Power, coming with a blend of experience across ANAND and core functional areas across the industry, has imbibed the ANAND Way. The leadership thus upholds the principles of good governance and transparency, partners stakeholders and encourages independent thinking amongst employees. The Leadership is at the forefront of envisioning a wide range of innovative products and processes and in adapting to a dynamic business environment.

Mr. Mahendra K Goyal
Mr. Mahendra K Goyal Chairman
Mr. Shankar Srikantiah Muguru
Mr. Shankar Srikantiah Muguru Director
Mr. Mayur Bumb
Mr. Mayur Bumb Chief Operating Officer (KMP)
Mr. Kamaljit Singh Bhullar
Mr. Kamaljit Singh Bhullar Director
Mr. Narayan Nagorao Vakil
Mr. Narayan Nagorao Vakil Director
Mr. Mayur Bumb
Mr. Mayur Bumb Vice President & Chief Operating Officer