Innovating for the Future

While Delivering Value for Today



As a leading manufacturer of piston rings and castings, we continuously try to raise the bar in terms of product cost, quality, delivery and speed of response, to cater to our customers from varied segments.



ANAND I-Power’s manufacturing facility at Nashik, Maharashtra, houses a state-of-the-art centrifugal casting plant, a sophisticated static foundry, a piston ring machining plant, a plate machining plant, a zero-defect fully-automated groove insert production plant and a zero- discharge chrome plating plant. Sophisticated machines and cost-efficient manufacturing processes help address the stringent qualitative requirements of our customers.

Innovation and R&DImage

Innovation and R&D

Several innovative components, such as rings for heavy and extreme duty applications and ready-to-fit clutch plates have been developed by ANAND I-Power’s team in collaboration with our customers. Our pioneering static twin process, proven R&D capabilities and cutting-edge technology, have strengthened our customer relationships and taken us to new heights.