Bringing The Advantage of Advanced Technology

To Automotive Synchronizer Rings


Established in 1992 as a joint venture between CY Myutec, Korea and ANAND, India, ACYM is India’s leading manufacturer of automotive synchronizer rings. Our growth path is charted through investment in infrastructure and unprecedented operational efficiency. Well recognized for technical expertise, we are the only manufacturers in India to use liquid honing process. Our product design capabilities, often make us partners of choice for customers.

Our Partners



CY Myutec, Korea: CY Myutec was founded as Kum Sung Autonics in 1985. The Company is known for its technical enterprise that accommodates its customers’ needs and provides best in class quality.

CY Myutec manufactures a variety of technical products such as factory automation systems, automotive parts, relay devices, software program for PC and PLC etc.CY Myutec has established itself as the largest and best technical expert, particularly, in the production of synchronizing gear (Synchronizer ring), used in manual transmission.



Guided by the tenets of ANAND Way, our leadership fosters an environment of partnership with stakeholders. ACYM’s business ethics are governed by the core values of transparency, integrity and good governance. While aspiring to become a world class organisation, the leadership nurtures talent and empowers people. With a view to leading the company to sustainable growth, responsible citizenship lies at the heart of every business decision.

Mr. Manoj Kolhatkar
Mr. Manoj Kolhatkar Chairman
Mr. Sunil Kaul
Mr. Sunil Kaul Director
Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar
Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar Director
Mr. Amitabh Srivastava
Mr. Amitabh Srivastava Director
Mr. Hong Sang Cho
Mr. Hong Sang Cho Director
Mr. Mun Jae Lee
Mr. Mun Jae Lee Director
Mr. R K Jain
Mr. R K Jain Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer