Women Empowerment

The Founder of ANAND, Mr. Deep C Anand strongly advocates woman empowerment and lays great emphasis on equal opportunity employment across the group. This ideology is clearly reflected in ANAND’s work culture, whether in offices or at the shop floor. Long before corporations started thinking along the lines of providing equal employment opportunities to all and putting in place HR practices to this end, ANAND had already set foot on this path.

The Group started the practice of hiring women on the shop floor in the early 1970s, an unheard of practice, especially in the small town of Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh. Since the shop floor was primarily seen as a male domain back then, the idea was far ahead of its time.

For ANAND, this was not a mere symbolic exercise, the desire was to build a more gender balanced workforce by ensuring that 30% of the staff comprised of women. To effectively acquire a committed female workforce, accommodation and a host of related facilities were provided. Workingwomen’s hostels were built, complete with a full time hostel warden. So successful was this model that it was replicated at all ANAND unit locations across the country. Once again taking the unconventional route that was ahead of its time.

Today, ANAND has a force of highly capable women working at various levels and functions across the group’s companies.