People Development

ANAND considers its people to be its greatest asset. It is this fundamental belief that has made the development of its people central to its core philosophy. ANAND has a number of internal and external education initiatives in place to aid this development process.

These programmes and education initiatives are considered amongst the best in the industry. Its in-house university –“ANAND U” has contributed greatly in terms of conducting various training programmes including ‘Six Sigma’, TPM, APS (ANAND Production Systems), and so on.

ANAND has been sending selected employees to The Oxford University for Management and other programmes. The group has also sponsored post-graduate education for many employees and helped them acquire their MBA degrees.

ANAND is a partner of CII and JICA for their VLFM (Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing) programme.

ANAND seeks out talent right from the day the employee enters the fold – regardless of what level they may come in. Succession Planning and ‘Growth from Within’ is an integral part of ANAND’s Philosophy. Driven by the intention of developing and maintaining a Talent Pool of potentially high performance Managers and Leaders, equipped to assume positions of higher responsibility, ANAND has instituted The ANAND Leadership Development Programme (ALDP)’.