Working With Us

ANAND has been a pioneer of Human Resource initiatives over the last five decades and many of our people practices are considered as industry benchmarks. The culture at ANAND is people centric and focused on developing talent within the Group. Working with us is a unique experience for every employee that undertakes this journey. The people of ANAND enjoy a great measure of operational freedom, empowerment, personal growth and a gamut of exciting work opportunities across the wide spectrum of the Group’s companies and profiles. At the core of ANAND’s success lies our dedicated task force of 16,000 people.

Since the very beginning, the Group has focused on its people as the driving force behind its exponential growth. The practice of training and nurturing personnel is followed at every level across the organization. ANAND has invested heavily in human resource programs focused on grooming a long-standing task force that is capable of delivering results of global standards. ANAND takes pride in the fact that most of its senior management is homegrown. Woman empowerment is another strong focus of the Group. A fact that is evident from the large number of female operators on all the shop floors across ANAND plants.

The impulse or need to move elsewhere is seldom felt at ANAND. This, along with ANAND’s other key policies, accounts for the Group’s high personnel retention rate over the years, which is among the best in the industry.