Global Partnerships

Partnership remains the keystone of Mr. Deep C. ANAND’s strategy to create an empire of enterprise. This strategy of partnerships began with Gabriel India and tied our resolve with the best technology in the world, customized for the Indian environment. A pattern of collaboration was created, which continues to bring into India the finest from all over the world. ANAND galvanised an in-depth understanding of the Indian market, a highly professionalized corporate infrastructure, and extended market outreach, for its partners.

Forging partnerships with world leaders in the automotive industry was a masterstroke for growth and propelled ANAND’s success, stimulating the company to set global standards of performance for itself and develop world-class technology. This enabled the Group to become a major player in the automotive market within a relatively short period of time.

ANAND’s successful partnerships are an outstanding achievement, and one that has gone from strength to strength.

Joint Venture Companies - Automotive

Joint Venture Companies - Luxury Hotels

Technical Collaborations