Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at ANAND is led by the Deep C Anand Foundation, the ANAND Supervisory Board and a set of Independent Directors. The Deep C Anand Foundation, formed on 11th August 2003, is rooted in well established and tested ANAND beliefs and the ANAND Way of work.

The Foundation has evolved a successful working model in which succession planning and grooming of new generation professional managers is carried out. It acts as a bridge between the promoter entity and professional management. The ANAND Supervisory Board on the other hand aims at accelerating the ANAND vision and strengthens relations with overseas partners while safeguarding shareholder interests. The independent directors are the key integrators for the Group, offering vital management expertise and mentoring senior managers.

The management structure of Corporate Governance at ANAND comprises of the ANAND Executive Committee, the ANAND Management Committee, ANAND Automotive Private Limited – the corporate entity and respective Company Boards & Management.

Deep C Anand Foundation

The Deep C Anand Foundation, established in August 2003 and modeled on the Bosch, Behr, and Henkel Foundations,  provides a strong reinforcement of core Anand beliefs and is a valuable forum for ideas to encourage continual progress of ANAND businesses. Some of the key objectives of the Foundation are to ensure timely and orderly succession planning and groom and motivate a new generation of professional management. The Foundation infuses confidence, trust and interaction between promoter entity and professional management.


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ANAND Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board ensures that ANAND continues to be the leading automotive systems group in India. It safeguards the interests of shareholders while enhancing their value and seeks to continually strengthen relations with our overseas partners. The Board plays a vital role in effectively steering ANAND as a prominent global group and profoundly believes in promoting probity and transparency in all transactions and activities.


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ANAND Executive Committee

The Executive Committee approves new investments and reviews returns. It formulates and reviews strategic policy issues within the Group and is focused on the welfare, placement and movement of our key managers particularly with our overseas partners. One of the core responsibilities of this body is to strengthen corporate governance and overseas partnerships within the Group.


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ANAND Management Committee

The ANAND Management Committee decides upon operational issues and concerns itself with promoting better cohesion within. This Committee reviews annual budgets and performance of the Group’s companies, continuously finding ways to leverage group strengths to enhance operational efficiencies. Furthermore, it facilitates the efficient sharing of resources and expertise while promoting intra-group competition.


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Independent Directors and Advisors

The Independent Directors and Advisors to the Group are eminent and respected senior professionals from varying industries. As key integrators for the Group, offering vital management expertise and mentoring senior managers across various functions.


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