With 19 companies spread across 62 locations, ANAND provides the widest range of automotive products and solutions to every major vehicle and engine manufacturer in the Indian Automotive Industry, making it the country’s leading OEM supplier. Through its 24 Global partnerships with technology leaders worldwide, ANAND has provided the Indian Automotive industry with an impressive number of customized solutions suited to the local needs and environment. ANAND also has a solid presence in the Indian Aftermarket covering over 800 distributors and 30000 retailers in the country, with some of its major brands like Gabriel and Purolator being Market Leaders.

The reasons for this achievement vary from domains as contrasting as hardcore manufacturing to a strong faith in the Group’s products. With an unmatched variety and high-quality range of products featuring in the whole range of automobiles - large and small – ANAND has secured its leadership role in the industry.  The value that ANAND delivers is not merely being present in the entire spectrum of the automotive manufacturing.  It is more.

ANAND has always gone boldly where no others had ventured.  To bring the latest, technologically advanced and most efficient products into the market the Group has always partnered closely with all its stakeholders to ensure they get the best and as a result the end customer gets a delightful experience.  This in fact proves to be a greater reward like no other dividend can.