Here at ANAND School we always try to give ample opportunities to polish the inborn traits and inculcate many others by organizing a lot of events every year.

To give the children the feel of the working of a democratic nation ,we start the session with the elections ie ‘Initiation Ceremony’ of the office bearers like house captains,discipline incharge etc. To welcome the new students every year we organise ‘Talent Hunt’ to borderline their hidden talent. Poetry recitation ,declamation contests and debates are the solemn part of the school’s events which are instrumental in exhibiting the oratory skills of the children.

Special assemblies and celebration of all the festivals are other highlights . To make the children familiar with the harsh realities of life ,they are taken to’ Old Age Home’ every year to celebrate Diwali with them and Excursion Trips.

Regular health check-ups of teachers as well as students are integral part of the agenda. To cater to the needs of adoloscents and their worrying parents , counselling sessions from the experts are conducted for both. Every year children go for a trip with teachers.